What is REAL Beauty?

What is REAL Beauty?
Have you ever met someone who maybe didn’t check off all the boxes like perfect outfit, perfect teeth, perfect height, perfect hair, or everything else that comes with that cover model look, BUT they had something special?  Their soul was inviting, they oozed kindness, you could feel the joy in their heart and their authenticity.  Was she beautiful?  Yes, in a different way.
Then there’s the woman that looked completely put together.  The flawless makeup and contouring.  The perfect spray tan.  The trendy outfit and poised walk.  A knockout by industry standards, BUT something was missing.  She seemed cold.  Standoffish. She had an unapproachable presence.   Was she beautiful?  Yes, in a different way.
Really, there are so many opinions on what true beauty is.  Neither one of the women described above are better than the other if they are being true to themselves, but I made the comparison because I think we can all relate to the experience.  There are some women who have some qualities and characteristics from both scenarios.  We are all unique.  It’s worth thinking about what you want to put out in the world.  Why not highlight your natural features and be a unique package? 
When you dress in a way that FEELS good on your skin, you ooze confidence.  Whether that’s stilettos or Birkenstocks, I think it’s important to stay true to yourself.  
When you smile you automatically feel better and become more attractive to others.  More inviting.
Confidence is beautiful.  This can mean different things to different people.  To me, the confidence that equals beauty is when a woman is sure of her worth.  She just has a knowing that she’s a good person.  She cares about taking care of herself, and cares for others too.  She’s loving and is excited about life.
In short, beauty doesn’t have to be physical.  Does going to the gym, putting on makeup and dressing in trendy clothes make you feel beautiful?  Then do that.  Absolutely.  Just consider the rest of the package because if the inside doesn’t match you will feel disconnection with people.  Humans are instinctual and can FEEL if something is off. 
I love to wear makeup.  I feel like it makes me feel ready for my day and ready to meet people and put my best self forward.  I’ve done a ton of soul work and have built my confidence over time as I learned my worth.  I like to wear makeup in a way that just highlights my features rather than changing my appearance entirely.  It’s a polish, but not a mask.  
I invite you to think about who YOU really are and put the best version of yourself (inside and out) in the world.  
Later gorgeous,

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Banish bloat overnight with this hot cuppa magic!

Banish bloat overnight with this hot cuppa magic!
Do you ever go to bed having over indulged or your tummy just not feeling quite right?  Do you have issues with digestion or wake up bloated before even having breakfast?
This nightly banish bloat drink has helped me with all of these issues so much!
The raw apple cider vinegar in this drink helps to control blood sugar, supports your metabolism and supports a healthy gut by promoting good bacteria.
These ingredients help with your digestion and encourage healthy detox which can reduce your bloat and even help clear your skin as you eliminate more toxins.
You will feel so much better after even just one week of doing this every night.  I make sure it’s the last thing I consume before bed.  You can even start your morning with the same drink if you prefer.  

I love to add a drop of Thieves vitality essential oil for added immune support and delicious taste. 
If you don’t have any of this EO, you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon to make it more flavourful.  Or go without the extra cinnamon flavour :).
I’ve been drinking this nightly for over two years now and when I don’t do it, I sure do miss it!  It has become a big part of my nightly routine.  Give it a try for a week and leave a comment below to let me know how you feel.  What improvements have you noticed in your body?
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