I help women move from "just existing" to thriving through Ayurveda and Meditation. 

My mission is to help you to stop burning out, so you can start burning bright!

In Ayurveda, your Dosha is your mind-body type.
By discovering and understanding your Dosha, you will be able to create a custom lifestyle 
with more health, joy and balance (yes, please).

Let's discover your Dosha!

I see you.  I know you might be feeling scattered, overstretched, overwhelmed or maybe you’re just plain over it.  Over trying the latest trends, over the hustling through it all…the constant pushing.
That’s where I come in.
I KNOW there’s more for you.  I know how to help you find balance in your life and peace in your days.  For you to be pulled by something more, to living fully, instead of pushing through it all just letting each day roll into the next as life passes you by.

It’s so nice to meet you.
I believe that you deserve more than what you are trying to settle for.   That you deserve ease, to feel expansive, to feel like you have energy for those you love most and to feel like you matter too.

I'm a Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Health Guide, Meditation Teacher and Well-being Coach.  I’m a radical uplifter, a kindness junkie, a momma and a wife, and I have a huge passion for living a full, exciting life with more ease, flow and connection.
Here’s the thing.  When you’re a busy woman, you’re being pulled in so many directions.  You have so many people relying on you, places you need to be, things that need your attention, feelings to consider… the list grows and the bandwidth shrinks. 
You start to run on autopilot and you disconnect.  Disconnect from yourself.   From your intuition and your inner wisdom.  You start to just put out the fires of what needs your attention right now and here’s the truth…you will make everything and everyone else a priority, leaving you lost, sick, depleted and further and further from the version of you that you so deeply crave.
Here’s my promise to you.  It’s all still inside of you.  The answers you seek are all in there whispering in the smallest voice just hoping you will have a moment of quiet long enough to hear them.  It’s time to unlearn what isn’t serving you anymore and remember your wholeness.  You get to love your life too!
Ready to learn how this can work for you?

An Ayurvedic blueprint to remembering your wholeness

 LIVE One-on-one personalized meditation program

If you've been feeling like you're missing something, missing out on the good stuff, missing a joyful, energetic body, 
missing a connection to your intuition,or maybe even just missing YOU, don't push yourself aside any longer.

Take the next right step - that's all you need to know.

We both know it's time.  

It's time for you to matter too.



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