You're busy taking care of everyone and everything 
(it's been like that for a while now)  
Life is just flying by.
There's no time or energy left for you, 
or what you love...
just crumbs.
You feel so disconnected, lost and scattered 
You don't even know 
what you love anymore,
 or what peace even feels like.

  • What if you could do a simple practice each day for 3 days that would balance your mind, body and spirit and bring you some peace?

  • What if , in just 3 days, you could start to feel the pull of going with YOUR flow rather than pushing through every moment of the day?

  • What if you could do a few simple things to move out of just functioning and surviving and get a taste of thriving?

Hi, I'm Tina.  As a Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Health Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Well-being Coach, I am here to give you the simple tools and blueprint to help you remember the truth of who YOU are again.  To help you to feel connected to your spirit, have an energetic body and a clear, focused mind.  And I have just the thing to do that!

It wasn't always this way though, I remember feeling like I had a family I loved so much and plenty of blessings, but I was tired.  I was pushing all the time to do everything that I thought needed to be done to take care of it all.  Yet things weren't getting done as well as I'd hoped.  I wasn't making time or space for what I loved because had no energy left and didn't even know what my interests really were anymore.  I wanted to be there for everything, to be truly happy and be full of energy, but I didn't know where to start.

One thing I did know, was that there was a whisper that I couldn't quiet.  It was pulling me.  Telling me there was more...there was another way to do this life.  I'm so glad I listened.
It's time to feel like YOU again!
Grab your free self-paced, guided plan to energize you body, clear your mind and connect you to your spirit. 


There's more to life than what you're trying to settle for.
 I know your time and energy are precious.
I promise not to waste it!
Start your free 3-Day Well-being Reset now.

Stop burning out and start burning BRIGHT!