Congratulations!  You finished the reset!

An Ayurvedic Blueprint to remembering your wholeness  
Are you ready to stop burning out and start burning bright?

This is for you if you are feeling like you are:

  • Just existing, pushing through the week and feeling tired and disconnected.  
  • You are feeling a nudge (or kick) to start taking care of yourself because you've neglected yourself for too long.
  • Your body is whispering (or screaming) not to be ignored and taken for granted anymore.  
  • You are tired of the one-size-fits all approach to fitness and nutrition.
  • You are done listening to all the trends. 
  • You want it to be more simple.
  • Your mind feels scattered and unfocused. 
  • You try to make time to connect to yourself, but you can't even hear your inner voice through all the "noise" in your head.

    I've been there.  I know how overwhelming it can be to not know where to start or to feel like you have no energy left to devote to changing things.  

    That's why I've taken all that I've learned on my healing journey and condensed it for you.  So you can start feeling energized and inspired fast!  So that you can have a PERSONALIZED blueprint all laid out for you to know how to balance your mind, body and spirit now. 
You are about to:



Not only will you get this amazing 7 week program, but there are some extra bonuses to get you into the flow with ease!

Full access to the UNLEARN course – 4 lessons to help you see things in a new way, release what’s been keeping you stuck and open the door to all that is possible for you!

I've created these 5 custom emotional freedom technique tappings scripts to shift your energy quickly:
 Calm Anxiety & Overwhelm
Love Your Body
Embrace the Real You
Overcome Fear
Live with Ease and Flow 

As a graduation gift, you will get a 45 minute 1-on-1 call with me to get guidance wherever you need it most for you mind, body & spirit.  Let's create a wellness plan!

With your purchase you will also get exclusive discounts to any items from the
Kindness Codes store


"💝 I’d always been interested in learning more about Ayurveda and my weeks with Tina made an immediate impact on my life and overall sense of well-being. Tina is certified by Deepak Chopra’s institute and that was very important to me. She knows her sh*t to be blunt 😜—and is a gentle soul with a calming presence and shares MANY practical tips. I completed the program months ago and think about it often. 🥰

“Glow with your Flow” was easy to incorporate into my busy life. It felt nurturing and was a gift to myself that I cherished each week - you know when you read something that inspires you to take action to feel more aligned - this program delivered. Tina’s guidance helped me design highly personalized habits, based on ancient knowledge for individualizing well-being, for a lifestyle “I” want to live. Life, joy, well-being is not one size fits all. My rituals have been easy to implement and sustain. They help me BE (and remain) incredibly present. I’ve maintained the rituals around food pairing, bathing, eating, pampering, meditation, laughing, movement, tapping, editing and more. It’s online and via zoom. It’s a treat you will thoroughly enjoy."

- Stacy Calderone




Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question below, send me a quick message here to ask it.

1. I heard I can get this course for FREE, how does that work?
Yes, my friend, you heard right!  I offer this entire course for free when you place a 100pv order in the Wellness Store and join the Loyalty Rewards program.  You get access for to the entire course, replays, lives, community, etc.  On your second month's order you'll also get a free diffuser! I'd be happy to make a recommendation to get you started based on what you need currently (just message me above).  Have a look at the Wellness Store to see what premium starter kit interests you, or you can click above to message me for my recommended 90 day plan.  This combination is what I highly recommend if you are wanting to press the easy button on your holistic wellness while creating a lasting shift in your mind, body and spirit.
2. Will I get immediate access to Glow With Your Flow program upon signing up? 
If you purchase the on-demand course only (option #2 at checkout) you will be sent an email immediately prompting you to log in. Be sure to add our emails to your preferred-sender list so our communication doesn’t get lost in your spam folder!  If you get the course for free by placing an order for products in the wellness shop (option #1), you will get access to the course within 24hrs since this process can't be automated.

3. Can I get a refund? 
Absolutely.  If you purchase the program through option #2, you will get 100% money back if you don't love it within 7 days of start of program.  If you purchased product and received the course for free, there is nothing to refund.

4. How is the content delivered? 
You will log in to the course platform where content is available immediately.  This includes on-demand video content (so you can watch at your own pace) printable documents and replays of past calls.  If you purchase through option #1, you will also have access to any live launches, you will be invited live calls where we recap the content, go through experiences and you can ask your questions. All live calls will be recorded and added to the community, so that you can watch the replay if you can't make it live.  Whether it is a LIVE launch or not, I am always available in the Glow with Your Flow community to answer your questions.

5. How long do I have access to the program?
For the lifetime of the program.

So excited to see you in there!
You deserve this.
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